Monday, December 14, 2009

David Letterman Interview with Maryjean Ballner

I didn’t get the chance to see the interview Letterman did with Maryjean Ballner, a small animal massage practitioner and author of a couple of books on dog and cat massage, but I did see the YouTube videos of it. While it seemed that she focused on cats, and how massage can help socialize your cat, the message that massage for small animals is a viable complement to regular vet care is a good one.

Massage and acupressure have long been practiced on horses; it’s quite common on the racing and competition circuits to have your horse receive regular massage and acupressure treatments, but it’s not as common in the dog world. Some show dogs and agility athletes receive regular treatments but it’s not something that the average dog owner thinks about.

If you’ve ever had a massage yourself, you know how good it feels. It can quickly wipe away a stressful day and make you feel wonderful inside and out. The same is true for our animal friends. While they may be pampered at home, there’s still stress involved in living in a human world. So even if your dog is healthy, regular massage and acupressure treatments can help maintain his health, reduce his stress, and improve the quality of life for both you and your dog.

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